WD My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive 1TB Review

WD My Passport Ultra

The My Passport Ultra from Western Digital offers premium portable storage in a range of capacities and comes in a selection of vibrant colours. Featuring the WD SmartWare Pro automatic backup software, the My Passport Ultra allows you to chose when and where to back up your files. This stylish portable external hard drive offers ultra-fast transfer rates and USB 3.0 compatibility.

WD My Passport Ultra Key Features

  • Local and cloud backup
  • Ultra-fast transfer rates with USB 3.0
  • Password protection and hardware encryption
  • Sleek design with high capacity
  • Durable enclosure to protect the drive inside
  • USB powered
  • Dropbox compatibility
  • Also available in 500GB or 2TB

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Specifications and features of the WD My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive

Automatic backup and cloud integration

Looking after your cherished memories is made easier with the WD SmartWare Pro automatic backup software, which is included on the drive. You can create files and folders directly on the drive to backup whatever you choose, or you can take advantage of the cloud. If you have a Dropbox account, WD SmartWare Pro allows you to backup your files to the cloud. Whichever way you decide to go, WD SmartWare Pro gives you lots of options to create your own personal backup plan. After choosing your important files you can set a scheduled backup and choose whether you want hourly, daily or monthly backups, giving you complete control.

Dropbox Integration

Fast transfer rates

Transferring your files couldn’t be simpler on the WD My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive, and with USB 3.0 connectivity you can save files in blazing speed. When connected to a USB 3.0 port, The My Passport Ultra lets you access and save files rapidly with a data transfer rate of up to 5GB. Transfer speeds can be reduced by up to three times when compared to USB 2.0, but if you only have USB 2.0 don’t worry because the device is backwards compatible and will work fine.

Durable and sleek design

At only 1.5cm thick, the 1TB model is designed to be ultra-sleek and portable while not compromising at all on storage capacity. It is also designed with reliability in mind, the drive is protected with a durable enclosure. The drive can be bought in one of four gorgeous colours – Black, Blue, Red and Titanium.

WD My Passport Ultra BlackWD My Passport Ultra RedWD My Passport Ultra TitaniumWD My Passport Ultra Blue

Contained in the box

  • WD My Passport Ultra Portable External Hard Drive
  • USB cable
  • WD SmartWare Pro automatic backup software
  • Quick install guide

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When looking for the best external hard drive lots of considerations come into play. Aesthetics are hugely important for a lot of people, and the My Passport Ultra is a beautiful device no matter which colour option you decide to go with. The technical specifications for the hard drive match up very well against the competition, offering everything that you will need to keep your important files safe and secure.

Fast transfer speeds, USB 3.0 compatibility and large capacity means that the My Passport Ultra should be able to offer you everything you need from a portable hard drive. The Dropbox cloud integration is also an excellent feature which is not offered by many others. Choosing this colourful drive will brighten your day.

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